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A responsible business space that offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities, in a stylish and contemporary architectural design, while maintaining harmony with the enviornment.

Fortune Questa aspires to be a LEED Certified Green Building. The building has the following unique features which enable huge savings in the monthly energy and water bill.

  • The entire glass facade on elevation is high performance toughened double glass from Saint Gobain. The U value and the SHGC has been controlled to reduce the heat entering the building, while there is no compromise in the natural light passing through the glass envelope.
  • XPS Sheets of Owens Corning have been fixed on the terrace to reduce the heat impact from the terrace.
  • HVAC Chillers from Trane USA having COP of 6.15 (highest globally for this size of Chillers).
  • Heat Recovery Wheels installed to substantially reduce energy costs on a monthly basis.
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) installed in all secondary pumps in HVAC System.
  • VFD installed in Air Handling Units (AHU) for substantial reduction in energy consumption.
  • All pumps and motors have class 1 efficiency to reduce energy cost.
  • STP Plant installed. 50% of the water to be used for AC Plant balance quantity to be used for Horticulture and Flushing.
  • Rain Water Harvesting at 4 places for 100% recharging of the rain water to the subsoil.
  • All elevators from Schindler, Sweden having latest gearless technology resulting in considerable energy savings.